Skin Alchemy

Your skin is a reflection of everything that’s going on inside of you and usually the first one to let you know something is out of sync. Through this process, we will examine your wholeness and how it may be working with or against the flow of your highest existence. I’ll work with you to look at the bigger picture, all emotional, mental, spiritual and physical components, including nutrition, lifestyle and emotional wellbeing, to the why and how of your skin story, in order to get to the root of the what is going on. A lot of factors could be at play and sometimes we need to narrow down what the culprit is.


Alchemy is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained. Utilizing a little bit of science and little bit of magic, we’ll work towards increasing harmony physically, spiritually and emotionally with the goal of a rejuvenated radiance from the inside and out. Energetically we can clear and heal programs, assist with clarity and give you the roadmap so as guidance to work through your process. The benefits of our work together will create harmony with inner and outer beauty, bringing a feeling of well-being throughout, where worry and strain will just melt away from the face.


What is your skin trying to tell you? 


This process is done entirely virtually. To start book your 15 minute discovery session and fill out the questionnaire that is emailed to you. Then email me a current photo of you. In the discovery, I will explain the process and will ask any clarification questions regarding the questionnaire. From there I will work intuitively to provide insight about your skin and how-to best care for it from the inside, out. This will include reviewing product usage and establishing goals for long-term skin health. You’ll also get help identifying self-care modalities, and personalized product and daily skincare routine recommendations. Everyone will have a different set of goals, with a customized approach that will empower you to care for your skin from the inside out.


If we want results that we haven’t been able to achieve we need to venture out and try something we may have never tried before.


I’m here to be your guide!


Let me help to calm your mind so you can enhance your intuition and hear what it is trying to say. Together we can create perfect vitality which glows THROUGH your skin. 

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